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Introduction To Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers

  • What is LNG
  • LNG as a Marine fuel
  • Liquefied Gas Carriers
  • Properties of Methane & LNG
  • World Energy Demand
  • History of LNG Shipping
  • LNG Ships
  • Materials and Strength of Ships
  • Gas Carrier Rules & Regulations

International Code For The Construction & Equipment Of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases In Bulk (IGC CODE )

  • Brief Description of IMO
  • Application of IGC Code
  • Ship Survival Capability
  • Ship Arrangements

LNG Carrier Design And Construction

  • LNG Carrier Design Factors
  • LNGC Market Supply
  • Hull Form Selection
  • Containment Selection
  • Propulsion Selection

LNG Containment Systems

  • GTT Mark III
  • GTT NO96
  • Moss Spherical Tanks
  • IHI SPB Tanks
  • Type C Tanks & Pressure Vessels
  • Alternative Systems

Carrier Propulsion Systems

  • Factors for choosing Propulsion Systems
  • Steam Turbines
  • Ultra High Pressure & Temperature Turbines
  • Duel Fuel – Diesel Electric
  • Slow Speed Diesel with Re-liquefaction Plant
  • Slow Speed Diesel – Dual Fuel

LNG Cargo Operations

  • Ship Shore Compatibility
  • Mooring and Fendering Installations
  • Cargo Operation Procedures
  • Ship Shore Emergency Shut Down Systems

Custody Transfer

  • What is Custody Transfer
  • Importance of Custody Transfer
  • LNG Energy Transferred
  • Measurement Operations

LNG Accidents

  • Chronological List of Accidents in the LNG Industry

LNG Ship Management

  • Ship Management Systems
  • Shore Organisation Structure
  • Operation Department Duty and Responsibility
  • Legal Department
  • Ship Board Management

Port State Control And Flag State Control

  • Flag State Requirements
  • Port State Control
  • Ship Certificates and Documents

LNG Ship Inspections

  • Surveys and Inspections during Construction
  • Inspection of Fire Fighting Systems
  • Ship Inspections in Service
  • Inspections during Dry Docking and Repairs

Fire Fighting on LNG Ships

  • Introduction
  • Sources of Ignition
  • Fire Suppression
  • Fire Control Plans

Classification Societies And LNG Carriers

  • History of Classification
  • Role of Modern Classification Societies
  • Class and Statutory Surveys
  • Preparations for Surveys