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Offshore Surveying

  • The formation of oil
  • Seismic operations
  • Underwater site surveys including pipeline surveys
  • Seabed survey for jack-ups
  • Fundamentals of offshore drilling
  • Environmental factors

Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Industry Introduction

  • Introduction
  • The history of the drilling industry
  • The scale and growth of the industry worldwide
  • Types of drilling rigs
  • The history of offshore oil production
  • Overview of the Subsea Equipment And Associated Shutdowns (ESDS)
  • Introduction to the working environment

Production & Drilling Safety with Roles and Responsibilities

  • Offshore drilling rig personnel
  • Offshore safety and safe working practices
  • Responsibility of the rig’s stability
  • Maintenance of offshore FSPOS and drilling rigs
  • Drilling rig – crane and subsea maintenance schedules
  • Helicopter equipment (fire prevention and refuelling) and heli-deck operations
  • Hazardous areas
  • Offshore production personnel
  • Cargo control operational overview
  • Offshore crane types and operational overview

Semi-Submersible/DrillShip/Jack-up Transit Operations

  • Semi-submersible/drillship moving operations
  • FPSO transit and mooring
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) operations overview
  • Propulsion systems and controls
  • Ballast/de-ballasting operations overview
  • Watertight integrity (column and cross bracing structures and safety equipment)

Marine Drilling Systems and Equipment with an Operational Overview

  • Drilling structure and terminology
  • Mud and bulk process system – operations and equipment
  • Blowout preventer and associated equipment
  • The choke and kill manifold & mud gas separator description
  • BOP regulations and testing
  • Blowout kicks and well control
  • Drilling equipment
  • Wireline, well testing, cementing, workovers and coil tubing activities overview
  • Tensioner and compensators for semisubmersible/drillship

Semi-Submersible/Drillship/Jack-up/Offshore Drilling Operations

  • Introduction to the drilling control network systems (cyberbase)
  • Running the/deployment of the 18-3/4” BOP stack and the marine riser
  • Drilling rig safety equipment and philosophy
  • DP operations including posmoor for applicable vessels
  • Emergency power systems
  • Cantilever and drill floor skidding equipment
  • Jack-up jacking systems/leg lock systems
  • Fire protection systems (passive and active)

Production Vessels Marine Operations Offshore

  • Introduction to FPSO mooring and production operations
  • Pipeline systems and risers summary
  • Introduction to ballast operations on an FPSO
  • Production (cargo) operations overview
  • The topside process system and equipment
  • The FPSO turret mooring system
  • Types of mooring systems for FPSOS
  • Offshore pipelaying
  • Windfarm/oil & gas jack-up operations

Anchor Handling and Supply Vessel Operations

  • Anchor handling and supply vessel operations
  • The standby boats
  • Heavy lift crane barges
  • Semi-submersible floatover vessels principle of operation
  • Shuttle tankers
  • Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVS)
  • Floating Storage and Re-Gasification Unit (FSRUS) & Floating Liquid Nitrogen Gas (FLNG) Reliquefaction System
  • The Diving Support Vessel (DSV)
  • Accommodation vessels

Introduction to Offshore Legislation, Guidance and Governing Bodies

  • Introduction to offshore legislation and governing bodies
  • Logistic operations offshore
  • Oil spill response

Health and Safety for the Oil and Gas and Renewable Industries

  • Health and safety for the oil and gas industry
  • Offshore accident investigation
  • Safety case history – offshore oil and gas industry
  • Preservation and safety of the environment