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Deciding On A Vessel To Restore

  • Assessing your needs and aspirations
  • Dreams to reality
  • Building and finding the right team
  • Project research
  • Evaluation of the potential project
  • Acquisition of the vessel
  • What skills are required
  • Types of Historic Vessels
  • Historic Ships Registers and the politics of funding for ship preservation

Support & Finance

  • Where/when to restore
  • Developing a plan for Restoration/Conservation
  • Budgeting and costs
  • Sourcing Funding
  • Project management
  • Sourcing original or replica parts
  • Could a replica vessel be the better option
  • Marketing your project/public interest
  • Case study HMS WARRIOR

Managing The Process

  • “SOLAS” Requirements
  • Location of vessel/Stability
  • Legal requirements
  • VAT/Charitable Status
  • Condition survey on older vessels
  • Reaching a decision on Conservation or Restoration
  • Conservation of the vessel while work in progress
  • Cast Study SCOT II

Preservation Or Restoration/Rebuild

  • Will she be preserved or restored
  • Reconstruction techniques
  • Reconstruction-Riveted Ships/Boats
  • Reconstruction-Wooden Ships/Boats
  • Adaptation for different use
  • Sails/Rig types
  • Assessing the historical importance of the vessel
  • Common ship/boatbuilding terms

The Restoration Project

  • History/Background
  • Construction techniques
  • Designers/old ships plans
  • How much original to keep/compromise
  • Health & Safety
  • Re-designs what is required
  • Who can help and where to find them
  • Sub-Contracting/Tools/Machinery/required
  • Case Study MEDWAY QUEEN

Mechanical Systems/Steam Or Diesel

  • Propulsion – engines/stern gear/rudders
  • Conforming to SOLAS/Class regulations
  • Modern systems required
  • Layout design/steam and or diesel
  • Safety equipment required/Nav aids
  • Health & Safety during Fit-Out
  • Electrical systems/fire systems
  • Painting/finishing

Keeping The Project/Momentum Going

  • New versus old in the build
  • How much can be reused
  • What if?
  • Finding & Keeping Volunteers
  • Skills required from volunteers
  • Fund raising campaigns
  • Press & Media
  • Still to decide

Providing Outcomes For Employment/Training Opportunities

  • Knowledge not passed on is just lost
  • Main benefits of the project
  • Can it provide jobs/training opportunities
  • Health & Safety for apprentices and the public
  • Skills required for training apprentices and such
  • Possible community based benefits
  • Possible Commercial benefits
  • Challenges of a volunteer workforce

Use Of The Vessel Once Complete

  • Launching/sea trials
  • Who is to benefit from the completed vessel
  • Museum Vessel?
  • Working Vessel?
  • Static Display Vessel?
  • Training Vessel?
  • Commercial/business use Vessel
  • Business case for future care and maintenance of the Vessel

Future Upkeep

  • Maintenance
  • Future funding requirements
  • Added value to Maritime History
  • Surveys required
  • Who is to look after the vessel once completed
  • Who will own the vessel and look after the upkeep
  • How to thank Volunteers and Benefactors
  • Long term sustainability
  • Case Studies CANGARDA. HMS TRINCOMALEE, other notable vessels