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Ship Security


The Ship Security course covers all aspects of working in a boatyard or marina, whether it is from a small sailing yacht to container vessels. So from best practices to understanding the high risk operations such as hot works, it aims to give the student the understanding to operate across this sector. Authors are experts through a combination of knowledge and experience, so have seen when things go right as well as very wrong.

Studying this Diploma is a great way to boost your career prospects. Many students study to develop themselves in their existing role, while others study with a complete change of career in mind.



The course consists of 10 modules. All students are required to successfully complete and pass the module assignments. Diploma students will also be required to sit and pass a final examination.

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Studying the Diploma in Ship Security is applicable to existing professionals working in the industry as well as those looking to commence a career in Ship Security.

This Course has 11 modules

Meet the Course Director

Steven Jones

Maritime Author and Writer

Steven spent a decade working as a Navigation Officer in the Merchant Navy and was attacked by pirates while serving. After shifting ashore he advised numerous shipping companies on security planning – spending years researching, applying and developing an in-depth knowledge of security and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. Steven has since written for numerous publications about how to cope with piracy and practical guidance on Maritime Security.

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