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Maritime Training Academy is part of the Maritime Services Group and offers an unrivalled combination of flexibility, support, expertise and industry affiliations. We are an international leader in supplying distance-learning diplomas. Helping thousands of students to enhance their knowledge and further their careers. For instance, all courses in our diverse portfolio are written and directed by experts in their field. In addition, we have over 50 authors writing, developing and advising on maritime training course material. Because, allowing students to tap into a huge range of expertise, is of the utmost importance.

Distance Learning Courses

Also part of the Maritime Services Group is The Training Academy, which is a proven global provider of bespoke on-site training solutions, classroom based learning, maritime training and practical courses from its academy in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

Classroom Based Courses

Why study?

Education is the best investment you will ever make. It demonstrates a level of commitment to the industry, but more importantly, proves dedication to hard work. With proven knowledge that employers look for, more opportunities can be explored. Our courses are targeted to specific roles within this industry. And, they provide detailed study in your chosen field, as well as essential practical skills. However, the value of studying as well as the qualification, can also open your mind to new possibilities. Ultimately bringing about positive changes to your working life.


Supporting our students

While the nature of distance learning is independent study, we recognise there may be times when students need help and support. Firstly, students can contact us at any time during their course and we will assist with any queries. Secondly, if support is needed with a particular element of the course, we will contact one of our team of industry experts for their advice.

We also offer the option for students to join us on a online tutorial before their chosen exam. Date to be confirmed by the training department.

Supported by:
Keystone Law
Global HR & Payroll Expertise (CESG)
British Marine
PYA - The Professional Yachting Association
Ocean Independence
MYBA - The Worldwide Yachting Association
Marine Society
Lead Yacht Underwriters Limited
IASA - The International Association of Ship Repair Agents