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Introduction To Marine Law

  • Legal concepts
  • The Law of contract
  • The Law of tort
  • Liability in contract and tort
  • Responsibilities
  • Maritime Law
  • Admiralty law and jurisdiction
  • International Maritime Law
  • Shipboard documentation
  • Codes of Practice for commercially operated yachts
  • The flag state
  • Collision and salvage
  • Chartering
  • Pilotage and towage
  • Governmental control of shipping
  • Health and safety
  • Carriage of goods by sea
  • Pollution


  • Introduction to chartering
  • Charter parties
  • Basics of chartering
  • Owners (Managers and Masters) obligations
  • The fixing of ships for charter
  • The charter party
  • Laytime Demurrage and others
  • Carriage of goods by sea
  • Schedules

Carriage Of Goods By Sea

  • The importance of the Bill of Lading
  • The contracts of carriage
  • The cargo claim
  • The terms of the Bill of lading contract
  • Statutory terms of the Bill of Lading – The Hague and Hague Visby rules

Ownership and Registration

  • Ownership
  • Shipowner’s obligations
  • Registration
  • UK Ship register
  • Guernsey Registry of British ships
  • Jersey ship register
  • Isle of Man ship register
  • Cayman Islands ship registry
  • Maltese ship registry

Seafarers and Employment

  • Introduction to UK Employment Law
  • The impact of employment of MLC 2006
  • Recruitment and placement services
  • Seafarer employment agreements (SEA’s)
  • The employment arrangement
  • The practicalities of employment
  • Hours of work
  • Tax and social security obligations
  • Emphasis of good practice and doing it right

Collision, Salvage and Wreck

  • Collision
  • Salvage
  • Wreck

Personal Injuries at Sea

  • Passenger Claims
  • Employers liability
  • Claims procedure

International Conventions

  • Commercial Shipping and Yachting
  • Tonnage
  • Load line
  • Codes (LY3)
  • International Conventions
  • International Codes of Practice
  • Directives, Resolutions, Circulars, Guidelines, Regulations, Acts and Manuals
  • Notable Maritime Conventions

Finance and mortgages

  • Finance
  • Mortgages

Admiralty Jurisdiction

  • Admiralty Law and practice
  • The Supreme Court Act (now the Senior Court Act)
  • Exercise of admiralty jurisdiction
  • The admiralty marshall
  • Merchant Shipping Act 1995
  • Limitation of liability in maritime claims

Marine Insurance and Average

  • The Marine Insurance Contract
  • Other relevant statutes
  • Terms of the contract
  • Types of marine insurance
  • Claims
  • Subrogation

An Introduction to Lloyds of London and the Yacht Market

  • Lloyds of London
  • Summary of the main types of superyacht insurance
  • Broking superyacht insurance risks
  • Underwriting superyacht insurance
  • Broking and underwriting of protection and indemnity insurance
  • Broking and underwriting crew medical and personal accident insurance
  • Quotations complete – what next?
  • Hull and machinery conditions – The American Yacht form R12
  • Handling Superyacht Claims
  • The Insurance Act