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  • Art on Superyachts 2023
  • Boatyard and Marina Operations 2023
  • LNG Shipping 2023
  • Marine Pilotage
  • Marine Salvage Operations 2023
  • Maritime Law 2023
  • Offshore Wind Energy 2023
  • Port State Control 2023
  • Ship Building and Ship Repair 2023
  • Ship Surveying 2023
  • Superyacht Surveying 2023
  • Technical Ship Management 2023
  • All 2022, 2021, 2020 course intakes
  • All Short courses- if you have enrolled prior to October 2023

If you have enrolled on the following intake, please use the below button to log in:


  • Health and Safety in Ship Operations
  • Marine Insurance Claims
  • Maritime Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Safety
  • Offshore Operations
  • Ship Security
  • Superyacht Management
  • Superyacht Operations
  • Superyacht Project Management Refit and Newbuild
  • Superyacht Pursers
  • Tanker Operations
  • Yacht and Boat Building
  • Yacht and Small Craft Surveying
  • Yacht Brokerage
  • All Short courses- if you have enrolled after October

  • Arts on Superyachts
  • Boatyard and Marina Operations
  • LNG Shipping
  • Maritime Law
  • Marine Pilotage
  • Marine Salvage Operations
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Port State Control
  • Superyacht Surveying
  • Ship Surveying
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repair
  • Technical Ship Management

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