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Wind Energy History and the Environment

  • Wind Energy History
  • Wind Energy and the Environment includes the following:
  • Oil Spill Impact and Response (MARPOL)
  • Offshore wind energy advantages and disadvantages
  • Wind Energy Sustainability and Preventive Maintenance


Offshore Wind Energy Layout, Equipment and Design

  • Offshore Wind Energy Planning, Research, Design and Development
  • Geotechnical and geophysical surveying and equipment
  • Diving support.
  • Offshore Wind Energy Systems and Field Equipment Overview
  • Wind Energy to Hydrogen.
  • Wind Turbine and Battery Storage.


ROV, Trenching, Electrical Cable Laying and Remote Operating Vehicles

  • The electrical cable array overview.
  • Types of cable
  • Cable trenching history
  • Cable trenching techniques
  • Trenching equipment
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • The Scour Effect.
  • Alternative Cable Protection
  • Cable Laying and the Cable Ships
  • Cable Laying Procedural Overview
  • Wind Turbine Cable Connection
  • Remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and their application
  • ROV launching and recovery system


Function and Operation of the WITV, Support Vessels & Helicopter Operations

  • Introduction
  • Operation of Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs)
  • Miscellaneous Renewable Offshore Vessels
  • Helicopters Operations


Wind Turbine Operation and Ancillary Equipment

  • Wind turbine and its components
  • Offshore wind turbine support structures:
  • Wind turbine component monitoring systems
  • Turbine Construction
  • Hydraulic Wind Turbine – Concepts
  • Wind Energy Operation
  • Decommissioning

Electrical Systems and Substations

  • AC Substations/ DC Converter Platforms and their equipment
  • HVAC and Auxiliary Transformers
  • GIS Switchgear
  • HVDC – IGBT Converters and Smoothing Coils
  • Understanding Active and Reactive Power
  • HVAC and HVDC Equipment
  • Control system overview
  • Emergency/ Auxiliary Power
  • Hybrid AC/ DC substation/ platform power systems
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Substations and platforms and their structural supports (jackets, gravity base etc)
  • Substation component monitoring systems
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Life support and fire protection systems
  • Substation Construction
  • Transportation of components.
  • Installation of components including jackets.
  • Corrosion Protection.


Health and Safety for the Offshore Renewable Industries

  • Safety Offshore
  • Accident Investigation Offshore
  • Offshore Lifting Regulations
  • Offshore Renewable Crew Training
  • Preservation and Safety of the Environment
  • Accidents, Incidents, Maintenance Surveying Structure and Reliability


Introduction to Offshore Legislation/ Regulation & Supply Chain

  • Logistic Operations Offshore
  • The Workboat Code
  • The Workboat Association
  • Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Training
  • US Jones Act
  • The Supply Chain