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Yacht and Small Craft Surveying



With this Yacht and Small Craft Surveying course you will develop and deepen your knowledge of Small Craft Surveying and learn the skills required to conduct a survey efficiently and effectively.

Module Subjects include a range of challenging topics such as surveying GRP yachts, valuation surveys and sea trials plus essential subjects such as accounting, law and insurance.



Level One – Diploma or Certificate

The course consists of 12 modules. All students are required to successfully complete and pass the module assignments. Diploma students will also be required to sit and pass a final examination.

Level Two – Practical

Surveyor’s Log Book (SLB)

Level 2 consists of a Surveyor’s Log Book (SLB) As a surveyor under training completes each task, he/she gathers evidence to support the experience and learning gained, in a structured manner, guided by the Log Book. Once completed, the Log Book will be submitted to MTA for review.

Peer Review

Leading to a CoC issued by MTA

The MTA Peer Review is a detailed oral examination lasting between two to three hours and is graded on a pass/fail basis. The three-member Peer Review Committee will ask a series of questions to test the students practical and theoretical knowledge of surveying in their chosen specialist field. Successful completion of the Peer Review is required to achieve the MTA Certificate of Competency in the Yacht and Small Craft Surveying.

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“I can confirm that the members of the IMarEST Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Working Group were most impressed by the above-mentioned course and have recognised the course as contributing to an individual member’s professional development requirements”

Ben Saunders Head of membership – IMarEST


This course is for marine surveyors and people working in related areas that wish to learn about the specific issues that can be faced when surveying yacht and small boats. Ideal for the seasoned professional looking to update and have their knowledge recognised or the novice wishing to learn about his subject for the first time.

This Course has 12 modules

Boatyard and Marina Operations Maritime Course Author - Richard Cray

Meet the Course Director

Richard Cray

BEng (Hons), MIIMS, DipMarSur – Marine Surveyor, Precision Yacht Surveying

Richard has a wide range of surveying experience from small sailing and motor boats to the world’s most renowned superyachts. He believes that the fundamental surveying principles are the same regardless of the type of vessel.

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