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How to become a Yacht Broker

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how to become a yacht broker

What does a Yacht Broker do?

A Yacht Broker is a person who is responsible for the registration, boat title rules and regulations, the law surrounding yacht brokerage as well as business management and yacht valuation.

Along with many other challenging subjects such as insurance, finance, sea trials and chartering, a Yacht Broker gets to travel to some very exclusive locations and some work with high value vessels.

Building up a wealth of industry connections can help a lot in this industry, and helps to make boat ownership a rewarding experience. Ultimately, Yacht Brokers are involved with securing yacht insurance and long-term deals between wealthy clients and companies.

What duties are involved in a Yacht Broker’s role?

  •  Looking at the Boat. Talking to the crew about the maintenance schedule, is important for buyers. Brokers will also need to look at, and understand, the ship’s papers.
  • Appraisals. A broker has the important job of saving all parties time and stress when it comes to selling a boat.
  • Paperwork. This includes collating the documents to close the sale, preparing technical specifications, and ensuring the owner has all appropriate certificates.
  • Briefing. A broker will need to direct clients to the best possible marine lawyer for their specific needs.
  • Marketing. Some yacht brokers might make video walk-throughs of the yacht and explain the features to potential clients.
  • Duties While Selling. A broker will have the duty of showing the boat to people who are interested in buying it. They give them a tour, and are responsible for the boat being in pristine condition.
  • Securing the Sale. A yacht broker will secure sea trials where the potential buyer will take it for a test drive on the water, as well as schedule surveys.
  • Duties After the Sale. Including assisting in docking, boat detailing to meet the buyer’s needs.


How will the Diploma help me to become a Yacht Broker ?

The course offers a fantastic starter pack of the fundamental basics that most employers will look for in the yachting industry. If you can also add your own product knowledge and personal experiences to this, with research, reading and attending events, you will be a more attractive candidate than someone who has no current brokerage experience.

I already work as a Yacht Broker, how will this course benefit me?

We get many experienced Yacht Brokers taking this course. It is a useful way to ensure your knowledge is kept up to date, as all our modules are refreshed annually. Gaining a formal qualification, can also aid with career development and progression.

How much can I expect to earn?

Salaries vary immensely, please remember these are just a guideline.

UK – £37,121 (GBP) per year

United States – $108,714 (USD) per year

Europe – 20,663 € (EUR) per year

Many companies will also include commission, this will vary with role, experience and location.


How will this course help me find a job as a Yacht Broker?

We can make no guarantee that you will find work as a Yacht Broker, but taking this course will raise your profile on the job market. By taking and passing this course you will a have demonstrated and proven

The course is taught by working experts with a huge amount of experience and working knowledge.  As such, it is invaluable for those wishing to start a career or those who wish to update their knowledge.

Am I qualified enough to start training as a Yacht Broker?

It will really depend on your background and qualifications. This course will certainly help you, but ultimately, individual employers will have their own pre requisites.

PLEASE NOTE we operate an ‘open door’ towards applicants and warmly encourage anyone who wants to learn. So, if you want to apply then please do. Our team can look over your CV and offer guidance.

If we think you are going to struggle, based on a lack of experience or qualifications, then we will contact you first and qualify the areas of concern. Motivation and commitment are the most important factors.


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