Do you dream of a career in the Maritime industry?

Jun 30, 2015

Good news for those looking to change their career and broaden their horizons – the Maritime Training Academy is now recruiting!

Whatever your background, the academy is looking for new students in ship superintendency, ship surveying, shipbuilding and ship repair, marine pilotage and yacht and small craft surveying. These fulfilling opportunities will give any keen learner the chance to update his or her current knowledge whilst sharpening a range of technical, writing and independent thinking skills.

The marine industry provides a wealth of exciting opportunities, whether you’re interested in management, engineering, surveying, or even moving ships as a marine pilot!

The enrolment period is open now and will close in October, with yacht and small craft surveying commencing October 1st, so sign up now to kick-start your career.

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Shipbuilding & Ship Repair

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