“I have been working as a Pilot at Port of London Authority for a year already and can assure everyone who is willing to start a pilotage career that the course in Marine Pilotage proved itself very helpful in providing a wide variety and volume of information about the pilotage job in all its aspects.

I believe undertaking the course is the necessary investment that would also give better opportunities for a career as marine pilot and this was the case with myself.

Added to prior ship handling experience and fluent English the course would also provide valuable information to any skilled marine professional who would like to know in details about the pilotage in various areas around the world and specifically.

For beginners, it would be an excellent guidance and knowledge to which they need to add real seagoing, ship handling and simulator exercises’ experience.

The various appendixes and links in the modules are substantial in getting all the information to cover a subject and give thoroughness of the course content.

I’m quite satisfied of the knowledge gained during the course of Marine Pilotage. All necessary theoretical aspects of the pilotage are perfectly covered – ship handling, bridge team management and master/pilot information exchange, port control , various types of pilotage, pilotage law, use of tugs, boarding procedures and related emergencies, etc.

Excellent course material with a lot of information and links to get an in-depth knowledge on each one subject by very experienced tutors attentively assessing the assignments with valuable comments, great MTA staff ready to clarify promptly any question providing high quality flexible distance learning course.

I can definitely conclude the course for a Certificate in Marine Pilotage proved itself to be an excellent addition to a senior officer’s knowledge and a solid base prior to starting the challenging job of a marine pilot and would strongly recommend it to anyone committed to the pilotage job.
What’s more you will find the thorough course content very useful to refer to at any stage of your pilotage career.”

Yosif Yordanov

Marine Pilot at Port of London Authority