Mental Health and Well-Being

Studies have shown that learning new skills can boost confidence. This builds self-esteem, helping to create a healthy mind. Studying with Maritime Training Academy means our students are already on the right road to improving their mental health and well-being. However, we do recognise mental health issues are increasing throughout society and by choosing to study, perhaps at the same time as holding down a career, can place greater pressure upon oneself. It is important therefore, to ensure that during their studies with us students look after their mental well-being. This will make their time studying their chosen course more enjoyable and ultimately produce better results.

Building stronger, broader social connections can increase feelings of happiness and self-worth. We feel connecting with others will help to ensure our students do not feel isolated or alone in their endeavours. To help we have created a Facebook Community Page where students can reach out to others for support and social interaction. We also encourage students to contact us with any concerns they may have, so we can ensure the learning experience is more enjoyable. If our students feel they need other forms of support with their mental health or well-being we also have a list of helpful resources to visit.

Support Arrangements

Our tutors are there to help students make the most of their studies. They will assist with the course materials, assignments and study difficulties. Contact with tutors is via the Course Administration Office, who can also assist with course enquiries.

Self-help Study Groups

We encourage our students to set up informal study groups. Some study groups arrange meetings while others get together via the telephone or email. Taking part in a study group requires some effort, but experience shows that students who join groups find them worthwhile adding new insights to their studies.

Although our courses are delivered by distance learning we strive to ensure our students do not feel alone in their studies.