Here at the Maritime Training Academy, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just offer courses, we help build careers. Students from all around the world come to us to embark on a new path, discover things they didn’t know about an industry they have been in for years, or gain an advantage in career progression.

In this series, ‘A view from the…’ we are finding out what our students and partners are doing, and what their job has led them to see daily.

Our first feature, A view from the deck, hears from Gregorio Canellas from Meet the Sea. He has created an experience designed to bring everyone closer to the sea through learning and joy, and to feel more attached and appreciative of our oceans.


What course did you do with MTA?

I earned my Diploma in Yacht Brokerage in October of 2019, having obtained an invaluable overview of the industry and the role I wanted to play in it.

The course offered a detailed insight into different aspects of yachting: brokerage, law, business management, insurance, valuations, finance, sea trials and charters. The content provided was specific and well organised and helped me draw a clear picture of the business I was about to create in my native island of Ibiza, Meet the Sea.


Why did you want to further your learning?

My years as sailing instructor in the Spanish national sailing school of Calanova in Mallorca had been a wonderful experience of teaching children the joys of competitive sailing and respect for the sea. However, after a long career in finance, I felt the need to refresh my knowledge from an academic perspective and to shape the vision and structure of my new venture. It is at that point that I decided that the Maritime Training Academy online course would be ideal to allow me to learn while I built Meet the Sea.


What is Meet the Sea?

Meet the Sea has recently ended its second season in Ibiza, and we have provided great memories through our Family Boat Trips. We help people discover marine flora and fauna in the island during a 5-hour trip that combines fun and learning.

The concept of “edutainment” is developed onboard through a multilingual presentation about the species we later see during our snorkeling tour in pristine waters, which is designed by our marine biologist. The stunning scenery of the island and its marine habitat is brought to life with the help of an ROV or underwater drone that delights teenagers, while the little ones search for treasure guided by our onboard pirate.

I will always remain thankful to all at the Maritime Training Academy for providing a solid foundation for my business and my life today. Do not hesitate if you are considering a career at sea or want to deepen your knowledge!


If you are considering building your knowledge of Yacht Brokerage, you can get all the details on our Diploma course, here.