Here at the Maritime Training Academy, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just offer courses, we help build careers. Students from all around the world come to us to embark on a new path, discover things they didn’t know about an industry they have been in for years, or gain an advantage in career progression.

In this series, ‘A view from the…’ we are finding out what our students and partners are doing, and what their job has led them to see daily. This feature explores a view from behind the desk. Here, we spoke to Ed Ewer from SYR to find out about the maritime industry recruitment side of the industry.


When did you start working with MTA and why?

SYR started working with the MTA in 2021, however I personally have worked with them since  2016. We work with the MTA as they offer such a broad range of courses that can assist candidates from almost any background in developing and furthering their careers. In particular, it can be a great tool for those coming ashore or also those who are straight out of education, offering extended theory learning that will prepare them for the next stage of their professional life. Moreover, the attraction of such high profile course leaders and mentors is a big pull and can open many doors for the future.


Being at the forefront of the industry what do you see as regular hurdles for those looking for work?

There has, and I fear always will, be a stigma within yachting when it comes to candidate selection. It is a hugely referral/recommendation influenced sector and so it can prove to be very difficult to integrate into it if you’re from a less than straightforward educational background or if you’re considering the leap across from another industry.

However, showing a dedication to the industry with self-development and a desire to learn, are hugely favourable factors which employers will look into.


What do you think of distance learning’s place in the future of the industry?

I think with the increase in remote and hybrid working, distance learning will only look to grow in the future. However, it needs to remain engaging and exciting and the content needs to remain relevant. In theory anyone can establish a distance learning organisation, but the ones who succeed will be the ones that keep their courses current, market well and engage with a willing audience who really want to learn and develop their own careers.

MTA are always updating their course information, and have recently introduced their first video content course, with the Art on Superyachts Diploma.


Can anyone enhance their learning?

Yes, of course. As long as you have the drive and desire to learn in order to further yourself and aren’t just ticking a box, then I think anyone can learn more and add to their skill-set. We all learn new things daily, whether we intend to or not, so how much more you learn is driven by how much more you want to learn!


How can SYR help those looking to progress in the maritime sector?

SYR as a business may still be in its infancy, but as a team we have many years’ maritime industry recruitment experience, of which more than 15 has been in yachting. As a result, we bring a wide selection of opportunities that range from the shop floor to the boardroom, with an international reach. We are champions of challenging the ‘normal’ candidate for the roles we recruit for, and look to advise our networks and clients on looking at those they may once have thought unsuitable.

So, any one time we’ll have 60+ vacancies available in areas such as brokerage, design and shipyards and we’re always happy to give impartial advice to both students and employers. For all SYR vacancies, visit the website.


If you are considering building your knowledge in any area of the maritime industry, you can get all the details on our courses, here.