New Year, New Career with the Maritime Training Academy

Jan 31, 2023

Looking to sail to better shores in 2023? We deliver expert maritime training that will help you achieve your dream destination

New Year’s Resolutions are something we have all entertained at some point. They vary from losing weight, breaking a habit, starting a new course, or even changing careers. Pursuing a new career was high on the annual resolutions list in 2022, with 18% of Britons planning a career change. As the cost of living continues to rise, however, upskilling to earn a higher salary may be a suitable resolution to consider putting on the list for 2023.

Last year, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that the median average salary for all employees in the UK was £27,756. However, the average Marine job salary in 2022 was £37,500. And so, as we look at career possibilities or gaining new qualifications in the Maritime Industry, 2023 could be the year to start creating that new pathway, and where better to train than with the Maritime Training Academy (MTA)?

Achieve with the Maritime Training Academy

The Maritime Training Academy (MTA) supplies distance learning diplomas worldwide, helping thousands of students enhance their knowledge and career paths with extremely high success rates. The Academy prides itself on course flexibility and student support, along with years of expertise from industry professionals giving students a great education for their future. All MTA diplomas, certificates, and short courses are written and directed only by the best in the field. In addition, they have over 50 authors writing, developing, and advising on the training course material, consistently enhancing and raising the level of maritime courses. All MTA courses are backed and supported by leading industry partnerships. As a result, this can open many doors within the industry and boost future financial earnings.

Distance learning experts geared for success

Starting or changing a career can be a challenging time; learning new skills and industry in your own time whilst balancing your current job and home life is no easy feat. The MTA understands modern life’s stresses and strains and has built its courses around its learners, enabling them to achieve their goals faster.

Bespoke Additional Support

Students can access the Academy anytime during their course, and course content can be assisted with any queries. Life gets in the way, and sometimes we all need help. Our supportive MTA team is always on hand to support our students when they need it most.

Short Courses

These expertly designed shorter courses give you an insight into some of the specific areas of the maritime industry, providing you with the knowledge to take you that step further in your career! Planned and implemented by the best in the field, each course module has been constructed to ensure you get the full experience of your chosen maritime course.

The MTA offers a wide selection of short courses relevant to the individual sectors of the maritime industry, so you can learn your chosen path your way.

What are you waiting for?

The Maritime Training Academy boasts a comprehensive range of Diplomas and short maritime courses in many industry-specific sectors. From various Boat Building, Yachts and Superyacht Surveying, Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, Law and Insurance, Management, Safety and Security, the distance learning experts have it covered. To start your journey in the Maritime industry, contact the Maritime Training Academy team at 01252 739779 or download our prospectus We look forward to hearing from you.