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Introduction to Marine Insurance

  • Legal Side of Marine Insurance
  • The Practical Side  of Marine Insurance
  • Proximate Cause
  • Brief History of the development of Marine Insurance

Cargo Claims

  • Background to Cargo Insurance
  • The Open Policy
  • Types of claims
  • Deck cargo claims
  • Calculating a claim
  • Making a claim – Who and When
  • The Enterprise Act 2016 A “Reasonable Time” to Pay – What does that mean?
  • Rules which apply to shipment of goods carried by sea
  • Defences in the rules open to carriers
  • Case studies

Hull and Machinery Claims

  • Background to hull and machinery insurance
  • Components of the policy
  • Types of claims normally covered under the H&M policy
  • Loss adjustments
  • Practical aspects of making a claim
  • Superyacht Claims

Legal Aspects Associated with a Marine Insurance Claims Handling

  • The History of Marine Insurance Law
  • Fundamentals of an insurance contract
  • Consumer versus non-consumer
  • IA 2015 and CIDRA 2012 – key concepts that have changed
  • Warranties
  • Fraud 26
  • Proximity
  • Total loss, constructive loss and partial loss
  • Particular average
  • General average and the York Antwerp rules
  • Bringing a claim
  • Disputes

Protection & Indemnity Claims

  • Background to P&I insurance
  • Components of the policy
  • Types of claims covered
  • Loss adjustments and claims handling
  • Making and defending a claim

Quantification of a Claim

  • Roles – Loss Adjuster or Surveyor
  • Calculating the claim, types of claim, instruction and type of policy
  • Standards – exposure to risk and liabilities
  • Techniques and process
  • Packing, cause and reporting
  • Other types of survey

Small Yacht Claims

  • The small yacht market
  • Background to insurance offered & recent key changes
  • Components of the policy
  • Types of claims

Salvage Claims

  • Introduction to seabourne trade
  • World seabourne trade
  • World casualty statistics
  • The IMO and casualty recording
  • Salvage principles
  • International Convention on Salvage
  • Salvage claims and salvage law
  • Towage & salvage
  • Maritime Law
  • Wreck Law
  • International Maritime Law
  • Insurance considerations
  • SCOPIC (Special compensation P&I club)
  • Role of the special casualty representative
  • Organisations involved in the salvage industry
  • Notable salvage operations

Port, Boatyard or Marina Claims

  • Types of boatyard or marina claims
  • Boatyard operations
  • Base marina operations
  • Infrastructure & management of a marina or boatyard
  • Risks & mitigations in a boatyard & marina
  • Assessing how the boatyard or marina manages risk
  • Handling the claim
  • Marina & Boatyards around the world

Inspection Process

  • Role of the marine surveyor
  • Cause, nature and extent
  • The investigation process
  • Reporting
  • Seaworthiness
  • Case studies