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Introduction To The Salvage Industry

  • An overview of world trade
  • An overview of world casualty statistics
  • The International Salvage Union
  • The main international salvors (Smit, Svitzer, Titan, Resolve, Tsavliris)
  • Salvage and wreck removal
  • Other organisations involved in salvage

History Of Salvage And Notable Salvage Operations

  • Historical overview of the development of salvage
  • Notable historical salvage operations (Scapa Flow, Pearl Harbour, Vasa, Mary Rose, K-129)
  • Kursk
  • HMS Nottingham
  • Amoco Cadiz
  • Herald of Free Enterprise
  • European Gateway
  • Exxon Valdez
  • Venpet/Venoil
  • Nowegion Dream
  • Agean Captain
  • Napoil
  • Others of particular note

Basics Of Salvage

  • Salvage principles
  • Rescue towage
  • Towage or salvage
  • Crisis management
  • Use of Lloyd’s Open Form
  • Role of the salvage master
  • Role of the SCR
  • Ship and cargo (general average)
  • Place of safety
  • Redelivery to the owner

The Law Of Salvage

  • Common law of salvage
  • Admiralty law of salvage
  • The law behind Lloyd’s Open Form
  • Alternative salvage agreements
  • Towage contracts
  • Arrest and security
  • Guarantees
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Reasonable expenses and deductions
  • The salvage award
  • Salvors liabilities

Salvage Operations – ONE

  • Collisions
  • Wreck removal
  • Grounding
  • Fire
  • Oil pollution

Salvage Operations – TWO

  • Mega casualties and the future
  • Mega bulk carriers
  • Mega container ships
  • Mega cruise liners

The Coastal State And The Salvor

  • Intervention convention
  • EU ship source legislation
  • Places of refuge
  • PR & communications

Lloyd’s Open Form

  • Review of the world’s leading salvage contract
  • History of Lloyd’s Open Form
  • Development of the agreement
  • Significant changes to content and operation of the agreement

Alternative Salvage Agreements

  • Japanese form of salvage agreement
  • The Turkish salvage agreement
  • The Bejing form
  • The Russian Federation standard form of salvage contract
  • The Hamburg form
  • Alternative agreements – towcon and towhire
  • BIMCO specialist agreements

Salvage From The Shipowner’s And Master’s Perspective

  • Associated contracts, e.g. letters of indemnity, general average bonds, equipment supply
  • Managing contracts to advantage – a guide
  • Self-help
  • The effect of salvage on the owner’s other relationships and business
  • Related risks, liabilities and insurance