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Introduction To The Salvage Industry

  • An overview of world trade
  • World casualty statistics
  • The International Salvage Union
  • International salvage companies
  • Introduction to salvage law
  • Admiralty law and jurisdiction
  • Wreck Law
  • International Marine Law
  • The flag state
  • Governmental control of shipping
  • Other organisations involved in the salvage industry
  • The challenges facing the salvage industry

History Of Salvage

  • History of salvage
  • Notable salvage operations
  • Sources / references

Basics Of Salvage

  • Introduction
  • Salvage principles
  • The international convention on salvage
  • Salvage claims
  • Towage and salvage
  • Role of the salvage master
  • Role of the special casualty representative
  • Place of safety and re-delivery to the owner
  • General average and salvage
  • Other important roles in salvage

The Law Of Salvage

  • Salvage law background, sources & concepts
  • Salvage law in the context of a salvage operation
  • How the salvage award is assessed and paid
  • Special Situations

Lloyd’s Open Form

  • Background
  • The beginning of Lloyd’s form
  • The SCOPIC clause
  • Lloyds form 2011
  • The future

Alternative Agreements

  • Japanese form of salvage agreement
  • The Turkish salvage agreement
  • The Bejing form
  • The Russian Federation standard form of salvage contract
  • The German Form or ‘Hamburg form’
  • Alternative agreements

The Coastal State And The Salvor

  • Introduction
  • Territorial waters
  • Innocent passage
  • Shipping casualties that resulted in change
  • The outcome of the casualties
  • The coastal state
  • Marine salvage companies
  • Obligations of the salvor
  • Development of the emergency towing vessel
  • IMO guidelines on places of refuge
  • Maritime assistance services
  • SOSREP – the Secretary of State’s representative
  • The United States approach to places of refuge
  • Guidelines on the control of ships in an emergency
  • European Union approach to places of refuge
  • The future

Salvage Operations – ONE

  • Salvage operations
  • Background
  • Casualties
  • Structural failures
  • Fire at sea
  • Salvage in the polar regions

Salvage Operations – TWO

  • Salvage operations part II
  • Heavy weather
  • Cargo problems
  • Stability problems
  • Casualty management guidelines
  • The equipment and the personnel
  • The Future

Salvage From The Shipowner’s And Master’s Perspective

  • The Parties
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Operations and interference
  • Lessons of the ”Amoco Cadiz” incident
  • Lloyds open form – the future
  • New Turkish salvage contract
  • Rescue towage