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Introduction To Port State Control

  • History of Port State Control
  • Failure of historical enforcement of safety standards
  • Major accidents influencing the development of safety legislation
  • Convention on Port State Control
  • Development of the MOU regions
  • White, Grey and Blacklists

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)

  • Overview
  • Regulations
  • Does the MLC code apply to yachts?
  • Conclusion and possible way forward

Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

  • Inspection of records and certificates
  • Basic qualifications
  • Competency qualifications
  • Medical records
  • False certification
  • Equivalent certification
  • IMO information note on fraudulent certificates

Legal Aspects

  • Introduction to the legal system and international law
  • Maritime Law
  • Admiralty law and jurisdiction
  • International Marine Law
  • The Flag State
  • Governmental control of shipping
  • Port State Control


  • Introduction
  • What is the ISPS code?
  • Who does the code apply to?
  • The aim of the ISPS code
  • Ship Security assessment & ship security plan
  • How to set up an ISPS system
  • Procedures for ISPS port entry
  • Company security officer
  • Ship Security officer
  • The on-scene ship security survey
  • Non-compliant facilities

ISM Code

  • Introduction
  • What is the ISM code?
  • Mini ISM (or ISM – LITE)
  • Legal and insurance implications
  • Practical aspects of a mini-ISM implementation
  • Risk assessment
  • Reporting and systematic failures

MARPOL Convention

  • Introduction
  • Oil
  • Noxious liquid substances carried in bulk
  • Harmful substances carried in packaged form
  • Sewage
  • Garbage
  • Air pollution
  • Summary of discharge standards


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to SOLAS CH II-1-FIRE
  • Life-saving appliances and arrangements an introduction
  • Precis of regulations for passenger and cargo ships
  • Collective life-saving equipment
  • Port state control inspections


  • Delegation by flag to Class
  • Definitions and procedures related to statutory surveys and inspections
  • Safety construction and condition of the ship
  • Typical defects and problems
  • Other Shipboard Technical Problems

The Work Of A PSC Surveyor

  • Levels of training
  • Use of checklists
  • Targeting by flag
  • IMO performance targets
  • PSC database and the sharing of information
  • Notification to Flag and Class
  • Influence on insurance