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Restoration of Historic Ships & Boats



The dream of many with an interest in the boats/ships and sea is to help to restore a fine old lady of the sea back to her original state and see the vessel as she was originally intended.

This Restoration of Historic Ships & Boats course will help to bring that dream to fruition and allow you to take the steps required to fulfil your own vision with clear and easy to follow guidelines, and also help you towards a fuller understanding of the whole process. It will further your knowledge on Ship/Boat restoration, conservation and on what type of ships/boats to try and restore. It is not intended to be the ultimate in ship/boat restoration and conservation, rather an overall guide to what steps you should be able to take to achieve your quest of saving that old ship/ boat from the scrapheap.


The course consists of 10 modules. All students are required to successfully complete and pass the module assignments. Diploma students will also be required to sit and pass a final examination.

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For those who have a great interest to anyone who has ever thought about restoring that old vessel they pass every day. It can help anyone who is taking part in any kind of Marine Engineering or Boatbuilding Apprenticeship.
• Anyone with an interest in old ships, sail, steam or diesel, experienced or amateur alike, will help with maritime history/research
• Anyone who is taking part in any kind of Marine Engineering or Boatbuilding Apprenticeship
• Looking to get into this growing field of restoration/preservation, this course will help guide you
If you have a general interest in restoring old ships/boats or already have experience of building such, this course will add to your understanding and may help you participate in the restoration of old vessels.

This Course has 10 modules

If you would like to complete this as a Classroom based course, click here for more information.

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