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  • Background to the superyacht industry
  • Design, Contract and Tender
  • Builders and Yards
  • Construction
  • Classification
  • Flag State
  • Small refits attached to regular maintenance periods
  • Large refits
  • New building
  • Buying a superyacht to refit
  • Factors to consider when choosing the type of yacht to refit
  • Yard managed and self-managed refits
  • When to book a refit
  • Deciding the work list

Project Management

  • Starting and controlling a project
  • Understanding the four phrases of a project
  • General management of a project
  • The basics mechanisms involved in project management
  • Creating and maintaining schedules
  • Managing the team
  • Project manager – health & safety responsibilities
  • Agile Project Management (APM)
  • Why successful projects can fail


  • Overview
  • Build process documentation
  • The importance of a paper trail
  • Record keeping, change orders, work completion and sign off
  • The role of the class flag surveyors in the process
  • Documentation of disagreements
  • Quality control
  • Stage payment
  • The list of works
  • Who needs it?
  • Pre refit
  • During the refit
  • The next refit


  • Essential English law
  • Contract law and penalty clauses
  • Employment
  • Health & Safety law

Accountancy and Payment

  • Financial policy
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accountancy
  • Budgeting
  • Costing
  • Cash management
  • Internal controls
  • Auditing
  • Value Added Tax
  • Corporate ownershipAnti-money laundering
  • Payment terms and stage payments
  • Disagreements

Managing Expectations

  • Managing the owners expectations
  • Reporting to the owner effectively
  • Your role and the responsibilities as the owner’s representative and/or Captain
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the build yard and sub-contractors
  • Quality assurance and quality control systems

Change Orders

  • External influences
  • Cost and time impactContractual issues
  • Documenting change orders, cost impact and timeline management
  • Scope creep and change impact on yard slot time
  • Record keeping
  • Meetings and minutes
  • Notes of protest

Refit Process and Refitting the Yacht

  • An overview of the refit process
  • Class surveys
  • Combining engineering and cosmetic refits
  • Material selection and management of suppliers
  • Selection and control of sub-contractors
  • Personnel management – crew, day workers and contractor terms
  • Statutory surveys
  • Hull, engines, systems, interior, paint, toys
  • Rigging and sails
  • Safety equipment
  • Management and safety procedure overhauls

Build Process and Building the Yacht

  • An overview of the building process
  • Materials selection and management of suppliers
  • Selection, direction and control of sub-contractors
  • Owner supplied equipment
  • Personnel management – when to bring in the crew
  • Specialist help – Hull, Engines, Systems, Interior, Paint, Toys, AVIT
  • Rigging & sails
  • Safety equipment
  • Safety Management Systems
  • The build to cruising transition Planning the operation of the yacht

Project Completion and Acceptance

  • Fault finding and the snagging list
  • Commissioning and basin trials
  • Sea trials and handover
  • Warranty and guarantee period
  • Paying contractors and departing the shipyard
  • Finishing the refit and starting or returning to cruising mode
  • Project summary and follow up
  • Analysing the lessons learned
  • Pitfalls of the first season