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Tanker Operations


The Tanker Operations course is designed to encompass all aspects relating to the operation of the tanker. The subject matter gives a historical description of the tanker and the types used. The course also discusses all aspects relating to loading off-loading etc., including the tankers operating equipment. In addition the course describes all safety issues relating to the tankers operations.



The course consists of 9 modules. All students are required to successfully complete and pass the module assignments. Diploma students will also be required to sit and pass a final examination.

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The tanker operation course’s learning structure is considered suitable for new intakes about to serve on tankers and tanker company management personnel who wish to form a broad knowledge of tanker operations. The course also serves to broaden and fill in the knowledge gaps and give a better grounding to those professionals already in this section of the marine industry (marine crew including onshore technical staff, suppliers, educators, trainers as well as equipment manufacturers).

This Course has 9 modules

Ian Bryant - Maritime Course Author

Meet the Course Director

Ian Bryant

My career spans 40+ years from all operating stages to Chief Engineer on a variety of vessels which include crude and product tankers to offshore assets which include drilling rigs. More recently from 2002 formed an independent offshore consultancy company carrying out a range of consultancy work including training/ competency for blue chip offshore drilling/ production company. Other aspects of work include operations manuals for offshore and shipping assets as well as Failure Mode Effect Critical Analysis (FMECAs) for well-known offshore companies.

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