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How to become a Technical Ship Manager

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What does a Technical Ship Manager do?

A Technical Ship Manager is a person who is in charge of ensuring whether the necessary repair works on a ship are being executed properly, especially during the dry dock of a ship. A ship Superintendent’s role and scope, when it comes to the shipping industry, is huge and requires complete alertness and vigilance.

In simple terms, a Ship Manager can also be referred to as a Supervisor or an Overseer. They are the person who has the documents which specify the necessary repairing and conditioning required for a ship, and they reassure that the repairing and reconstruction of the ship is being carried out properly in the allocated shipyard or dry dock.

What duties are involved in a Technical Ship Managers role?

  • Overseeing the ship and systems in terms of maintenance and operations
  • Monitoring of the crew, both in terms of competence and morale
  • Preparation and evaluation of budgets and reporting to management on these
  • Oversight of the survey and inspection requirements including flag, classification and port state
  • Maintenance of up to date technical and operational knowledge generally
  • Acting as an Intermediate between crew on board and management ashore, including reporting on their performance
  • Preparation of routine docking specification
  • Internal audits and preparation for external audits
  • Compliance with all class, flag state or any other standards and requirements
  • Keep down costs and optimise the efficiency of the ships
  • Sourcing, and possibly ordering, spare parts and making sure that they arrive when needed
  • Plan all maintenance activities and liaise with all operational staff and sub-contractors with regards to planning and implementation of all required tasks
  • Supervise work that needs to be carried out
  • Proper documentation and reporting
  • Preparation of management information

There is no denying that the profession of Technical Ship Manager is unique and offers many opportunities. As out-of-the-box professions go, there is no doubt that being a Ship Superintendent is one of the most prominent choices of all the other marine jobs today.

How will the Diploma help me to become a Technical Ship Manager ?

This course follows the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) competency standard. You will learn key knowledge from highly experienced people working in the business. This knowledge and understanding will be tested via the module student assignments and the final exam (for those wishing to gain the Diploma). The course will cover key areas that you must understand if you wish to work as a Ship Superintendent.

The key areas of this subject are covered within the core modules and also specialist options: MARINE SUPERINTENDENT and TECHNICAL SUPERINTENDENT. The essence of this course is a focus on work based learning and what you need to know when performing the role. Taking this course will raise your profile on the job market.

Will I become a qualified Technical Ship Manager upon successful completion?

No, you will still need to meet the requirements of individual employers in terms of their operating and training standards, but this course will enable you to take an important step on your journey.

I already work as a Technical Ship Manager, how will this course benefit me?

We get many experienced Technical ship Managers taking this course. It is a useful way to update your knowledge and gain a formal qualification.

How much can I expect to earn?

Salaries vary immensely, please remember these are just a guideline.

In the USA between $55,000 – 75,000 (USD). In UK between £35,000 – 60,000 (GBP). In Europe between €70,000 – 100,000 (EUR) per year. Salaries will vary considerably depending on location, country, job and role of the person in question. Please use these figures for general reference ONLY and make sure you do your own research.

How will this course help me find a job as a Technical Ship Manager?

We can make no guarantee that you will find work as a Technical Ship Manager, but taking this course will raise your profile on the job market. By taking and passing this course you will a have demonstrated and proven your ability for critical thinking within the frame work of a course covering all the key aspects of ship superintendency.

The course is taught by working experts with a huge amount of experience and working knowledge.  As such, it is invaluable for those wishing to start a career or indeed highly experienced currently working in this role whom wish to update their knowledge and gain a formal qualification.

Am I qualified enough to start training as a Technical Ship Manager?

It will really depend on your background and qualifications. This course will certainly help you, but ultimately, individual employers will have their own pre requisites. Please note that each employer depending where you are in the world, will have different requirements.

PLEASE NOTE we operate an ‘open door’ towards applicants and warmly encourage anyone who wants to learn. So, if you want to apply then please do. Our team can look over your CV and offer guidance.

If we think you are going to struggle, based on a lack of experience or qualifications, then we will contact you first and qualify the areas of concern. Motivation and commitment are the most important factors.

For further information about the Technical Ship Management course and the ‘Technical’ or ‘Marine’ specialist modules please download the brochure or contact us on +44 (0)1252 739779 or

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