An interview with course author Jonathan Hadley-Piggin

Jul 10, 2018

As our courses aim to provide you with the best platform possible to begin or enhance your maritime career, we think it’s important to use the best people; ensuring your distance learning is current, well-informed and most importantly, going to aid you in your career development. We interviewed one of Maritime Training Academy’s Course Directors, solicitor and consultant Jonathan Hadley-Piggin, to get his view on why a career in the maritime industry is so important.

Having our courses written by current industry experts such as Jonathan, allows us to bring years of professional and practical knowledge to your maritime career development.

Why study with the Maritime Training Academy?

“Not only does it offer the ability to network with some of the industry’s leading figures, but the distance learning aspect allows our students the flexibility to continue gaining valuable practical experience, whilst enhancing their industry knowledge.

Jonathan adds ‘by gaining knowledge provided by the Diploma courses, gives confidence to a student and a greater chance of recruitment and career progression. Studying an MTA Diploma shows a commitment to the industry and a desire to develop and learn, which will be recognised by employers worldwide.’

The courses offered here at MTA incorporate every aspect of the maritime industry including maritime law, yacht brokerage, surveying, shipbuilding courses as well as hostess and deckhand training.

How can studying for a job in the maritime industry help your career?

Understanding the industry itself is vital, for example just the increase in size of Superyachts is causing more harbours to be developed to accommodate such vessels. Roles such as charter Managers and yacht captains need to be aware of which harbours can be used and advise on whether anchorage needs to be made offshore. Maritime Training Academy courses give you that extra knowledge which others in the industry may not have. The industry is constantly changing and according to Jonathan, ‘design and build techniques have changed due to the involvement of new technology and it’s important to keep up to date with these developing techniques.’

Giving yourself the opportunity to gain a good working knowledge of the industry is very valuable, bringing a competitive and highly sought-after edge to your CV.

Whether it’s your dream to follow in Jonathan’s footsteps and work in Maritime Law, work on a Superyacht or develop a career as a Maritime Firefighter; learning through an experienced and professional training school such as Maritime Training Academy, offers an unrivalled combination of flexibility, support, expertise and industry affiliations in order to develop your maritime career. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of our courses.

Maritime Training Academy wishes to thank Jonathan Hadley-Piggin for his contributions. He is a respected solicitor and consultant at the London based commercial law firm Keystone Law, where he is a member of the firm’s shipping and marine department.