Giving students the freedom to further their career goals

Jul 1, 2019

Giving students the freedom to further their career goals

The Maritime Training Academy is an international leader in supplying distance learning diplomas, and we help thousands of students from all around the world to enhance their knowledge and further their careers.


We spoke to Lina Velickaite, an experienced Chief Stewardess with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime industry. Skilled in customer service and maritime operations, Lina already has a Superyacht Operations Diploma under her belt and is now continuing her studies at the MTA with the Superyacht Management Diploma, which she will complete in 2020.


Venturing into the maritime industry


I grew up in Lithuania and each summer the biggest treat was to go to the Baltic seaside and spend some time chasing the waves. The sea was always a source of positive energy for me and I feel my best when I’m close to the water.


Travelling is a big passion of mine. I love exploring new places, cultures and meeting new people. I ended up working on a cruise ship to explore various destinations across the world and this eventually led me to my career in yachting. I couldn’t have made a better choice! What could be better than finding a way to combine your career goals with your love for travel and the water?


The story so far


I spent four years working on a cruise line for Crystal Cruises, which was a great schooling opportunity for me. It was very exciting and one of my best experiences of my life. Throughout this period, I met lots of interesting people, visited amazing places and literally lived the dream! I was also lucky enough to meet someone who then introduced me to the yachting world…


I was instantly stricken by the scope, diversity and beauty of it all and I was determined to become a part of it. Ten years later, here I am! I have spent all this time working as a Chief Stewardess on various size yachts which has been a great challenge and a fantastic opportunity to continue combining my love for travel and the sea. I was also closely involved in a couple of new build projects as well as some refits in various shipyards across Europe. This gave me a deeper understanding of the maritime industry itself.


Boosting career prospects


I first found out about the MTA while browsing the internet for distance learning options related to the maritime industry; it was one of the first in my search results and I am very pleased with my choice. Working full time, particularly in the maritime sector, doesn’t exactly give you a 9 to 5 lifestyle. Therefore, learning in a classroom becomes an unachievable option. Online training courses have given me the freedom to plan my time according to my busy work schedule, which is the only way at the moment.


There’s a saying in Lithuania that goes “you will never carry what you learn on your shoulders”. These studies have provided a great source of information, offered in a very sleek way. I like the way the study material is presented to the student – it’s easy to understand, well laid out and explained in careful detail. English isn’t my first language, but I don’t experience any difficulties understanding the course.


Following completion of the Superyacht Operations Diploma, I decided to do the Superyacht Management Diploma and I am now actively seeking a position on land. I still want to stay connected to yachting, so transferring to a yachting management company seems to be a natural path to take. It also means I have an opportunity to study further about the things I already know but in a greater depth and in more of a detail.


Through the courses, I have improved my planning and delegation skills, which will serve me well in the future. I believe both diplomas will be a great stepping stone for me to find a shore-based position and continue my career in the maritime sector, while still remaining connected to my beloved yachting industry.


The team behind the courses


Everyone at the MTA is very polite and quick to answer questions and offer guidance when needed. The tutors are very direct when marking the assignments and helpful if you need direction, which has been great for my learning and progression.


I also met Matthew, one of the Account Managers at the MTA, in Monaco last year. He is a very pleasant guy and definitely well suited to his role as he is always easy to approach and quick to answer any questions. I am sure we will catch up again at the Monaco Yacht Show later this year!


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