Imagine the open sea, colourful sunsets, beautiful sights from around the world…and getting paid at the same time!

The ‘glamorous’ life portrayed on television programmes such as Below Deck, aren’t the only way to see the world with a maritime career. And, if life on board a superyacht just isn’t for you, there are plenty of other careers which can see you travel the world – and learn as you earn.

As more people are competing for what few job vacancies are out there, finding new ways to set yourself apart from others and compete for those dream roles, is essential.


learn as you earn superyacht


How to get started?

Superyacht Operations – Whether you work at sea or on land, this role gives you the chance to run a Superyacht with success and efficiency. Travel the world as a Captain, Senior crew or as shore based professionals with this impressive position, or study it as an addition to your existing skills. Find out more.

Superyacht Purser – Work on board a Superyacht as a Purser and run crew management, accounting and budgeting, as well as managing port clearance, charter operations, destination management and travel logistics. Sound exciting? Read our real-life interview with Superyacht purser, Samantha, and uncover what else a purser’s journey involves.

Ship Surveying – A lucrative and interesting career, Marine Surveyors travel the world to survey ships for insurance, safety and operational purposes. In the commercial sector in the UK, this role can earn between £25,216 – £65,614 a year, depending on experience. Find out more.

Offshore Ops – Studying offshore activities such as wind energy, as well as oil and gas activities, subsea equipment and offshore operations, is a different way to see the world. Although living and working on an offshore structure may not appeal to everyone, roles within this area also appeal to trainers and manufacturers looking to expand their knowledge. Discover how Offshore ops could be your next career move.


Learn As You Earn with distance learning

Enrolling on a ‘traditional’ course to up-skill is not as straightforward as it used to be, with many classroom courses finding it difficult to take place. This is where distance learning proves invaluable for continued professional development.

Benefits include:
• Study at your own pace in an environment where you feel safe – such as your own home or workplace
• Save yourself (or your company, if you’re lucky enough to receive a sponsorship) money in travel costs
• By studying online, you are likely to retain more knowledge in comparison to in a classroom environment.
• Skip or move through areas faster if you are familiar with them.

No internet? No problem. Our modules can be downloaded and taken with you so you can study as and when you have time.

And, on average, with students studying just half an hour a day to complete courses – there really is no reason not to.

Why Maritime Training Academy?

We offer distance learning courses throughout the maritime industry. The inspiring thing about studying
with us is not just what you learn but how you learn – we have taken flexible learning to a whole new level.

Providing high-quality distance learning enables you to learn in your own time, at home, onboard, or wherever you choose. We aim to challenge you, inspire you, stretch your understanding and make you question ideas that you may have previously taken for granted.


So you can travel the world, learn as you earn and further your career! Get in touch to discuss your next career move.