The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many issues unlike anything we have ever experienced. As such, there has been a shift in attitude towards working in the yachting industry. We have seen a huge increase in crew looking to move from yacht to shore or vice versa, and many people wondering what to do when they feel their time at sea has come to an end.

distance learning for yacht crew

As more people compete for the small amount of job vacancies out there, it’s important to find ways of setting yourself apart from others applying for the same role.

So how can you do this?

Yachting industry training

Whether it’s changing profession or position, taking that important step towards a career change is not to be taken lightly. Undertaking proper training is essential.

Most people in the yachting industry experience the same hurdles when trying to further their learning:

  • Not enough time to study
  • No WiFi
  • Can’t travel
  • Finances

Distance learning is a convenient solution. While you may think distance learning is just for stay-at-home parents or only beneficial during a global pandemic, statistics show the e-learning market is set to grow by $21 billion (c. €18.5 billion) by 2024. Plus, those who study through online learning retain up to a staggering 60% more information than traditional classroom-based studying.


Why consider distance learning?


Most courses require an online login, fast internet speed and a regulated submission date. This is not ideal for those who spend long periods of time at sea. Consider finding a course provider that offers the ability to download the information, allowing you to read at your own pace. Plus, this also prevents you having to sit through modules that you may already be particularly familiar with.

Learn as you earn

Distance learning means that there is no need to worry about finding the time to sit through a lecture, it allows you to learn and earn at the same time. For as little as 30 minutes study time a day, you can complete a globally recognised diploma course. Building your experience and qualifications at the same time shows employers how committed you are to personal development.


Traditional studying can be expensive. So, look for an online training provider that offers payment plans and even some location-based funding options.


Spending your own time and money is a big investment. Make sure your online learning provider has study material written by industry experts actively working in their specialist fields. With strict regulations and standards across the yachting industry, using the knowledge of a practising professional with strong academic and industry backgrounds is a must.

Ultimately, high quality distance learning enables you to learn in your own time, whether it’s at home, on board or wherever you choose. Find a training provider whose aim is to challenge you, inspire you, stretch your understanding, and question your existing knowledge. It’s about pushing you and your career to the next level.

Perhaps undertaking distance learning in the yachting industry is not as difficult as you thought?

Distance learning helps you become a more valuable asset to your existing company, or move on a step ahead of your peers. As well as this, it helps you use the skills developed in yachting to move ashore, ensuring your time at sea is used wisely.


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