Here at the Maritime Training Academy, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just offer courses, we help build careers. Students from all around the world come to us to embark on a new path, discover things they didn’t know about an industry they have been in for years, or gain an advantage in career progression.

In this series, ‘A view from the…’ we are finding out what our students and partners are doing, and what their job has led them to see daily. This feature explores a view from the office, where you can get to know the MTA team and their ole in helping to progress your career.

Get to know our team. Matt and Beth answer your most frequently asked questions..

1 – What do MTA offer students?

Maritime Training Academy offers an unrivalled combination of flexibility, support, expertise and industry affiliations. We are an international leader in supplying distance-learning diplomas, helping thousands of students to enhance their knowledge and further their careers. Due to our rigorous academic standards, our qualifications are highly respected internationally. Our tutors are practising professionals with strong academic and industry backgrounds, with sector-specific skills and practical experience.

2 – Do we just do superyacht courses?

No, we offer a wide range of Diplomas such as, Superyachts, Shipping, Offshore, Surveying, Safety and Security. We have a huge focus on the maritime industry as a whole and we are always looking for new areas that we can focus on for new courses, we also appreciate student feedback and can design specific courses around this.

3 – What are the most common questions students ask?

Are your courses delivered online? All of our courses are delivered online and you will be able to study in your free time, whether that is from home or onboard. One module is released each month from start date and each module is uploaded onto a portal and you can access the material at any stage during the course. You are not required to study every day or every week, you could study 3 modules in one quiet month and then not study at all the following month, it is up to you.

How long does it take to study each module? We normally say between 10-30 hours per module but that depends on time and experience. Rest assured we offer flexible studying, this will allow you to step away from studying as and when needed, without loss of earnings. You may want to dedicate 1 hour per day or take a day out each week to focus on studying, its completely up to you.

Take a look at our FAQ webpage for more student queries… FAQs | Maritime Training Academy | Maritime Training Diplomas

4 – What sort of jobs do our students do?

This depends on the course studied and experience, but all of our Diplomas are designed to give you the underpinning knowledge for a career in your chosen profession.

5 – Are MTA courses just for people starting out on their career path?

No, whether you are new to the industry or have been working in your chosen profession for many years, our courses are suitable for anyone. Education is the best investment you will ever make. Our courses are for all students. We have many students on the courses that are already working within that industry, and are now looking to support experience with a qualification on their CV. We also have students who are totally new to the industry, and our courses can be a great way to gain deeper knowledge of the area they are looking at pursuing.

Ultimately, it demonstrates a level of commitment to the industry, but more importantly, proves dedication to hard work.

6 – What do you do (Matt and Beth)?

While the nature of distance learning is independent study, we recognise there may be times when students need help and support. We offer full support from the students first enquiry and aim to make the process as easy as possible, whilst giving the student as much information and guidance as possible to help them with making the right decision. Once you have enrolled, you will enjoy full support throughout your course and we are here to help as well. We are also active in visiting shows around the world, as well as on our social media channel groups, where you can meet and gain insight from others in the industry.


If you are considering building your knowledge in any area of the maritime industry, you can get all the details on our courses, here.