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About the Course

Superyachts have particular requirements of their crews and this Superyacht Deckhand short course will provide the necessary background technical information on how to do undertake the role of a superyacht deckhand so as to make the individual an indispensable member of any yacht crew.

This online course consists of 10 modules that must be completed within 12 months. These modules are designed to provide high-quality deckhand training via a combination of resources such as text, charts, and pictures to help with your learning. On this course, multiple choice questions are provided at the end of each module which you are expected to pass by 70%. On successful completion of the module you will be rewarded with a Certificate in ‘Superyacht Deckhand’.

Module includes

  • An Introduction to the Superyacht Industry
  • Captain and Crew
  • Introduction and Overview for New Yacht Crew
  • Aluminium Vessels
  • FRP Vessels
  • Steel Vessels
  • Wooden Vessels
  • Sails and Rigs
  • Basic Engineering for Deckhand –Part 1
  • Basic Engineering for Deckhand – Part 2


Online learning allows you to study in your own time, at your own pace from anywhere in the world. This saves on travel and classroom costs and allows you to fit your studies around your job and progress your career.


While the nature of distance learning is independent study, we recognise the importance of support. Students can contact us at any time during their course for assistance and our team of industry experts are always on hand for advice.


We have over 50 industry experts writing, developing and advising on our course material. We truly believe that allowing students to tap into their expertise and knowledge is of the utmost importance to fulfil your dream career.

If you would prefer to complete this as a classroom-based course, please contact us.


How long do the courses take to complete? What's the difference between a Diploma and a Certificate? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions below to find out the answer.

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