Teaching Method: Our courses are delivered by distance learning, unless otherwise stated.

Course Duration: Depending on the subject, the course will commence April or October each year and students have up to 18 months from the course start date to complete the modules and sit the exam.


Course Material

Course Language: Our courses are conducted entirely in English, in verbal and written format.

Delivery of Modules: Available online via your secure student login.

Every effort will be made by the organisers to upload the modules monthly but due to unforeseen circumstances they cannot be held liable for any delays.

Presentation: The modules provide the basic knowledge for the whole course. Each module is designed to be self-contained. However, we highly recommend that candidates make every effort to increase their knowledge by reference to other sources.

Recommended Reading: A reading list will be provided where applicable.

Access: You agree not to access the Course Material for any reason other than for your personal use and solely for the purpose of study. You agree not to distribute any part or parts of the Course Material in any medium without MTA’s prior written authorisation.

Access to the course material will be given on receipt of payment. Any outstanding fees will also become payable on accessing the material.


Student Assignments

Student Assignments: One included with each module. They are a compulsory element of the course and must be completed six weeks prior to the exam. Plagiarism of any form is not permitted, assignments submitted must be the students own work.

Self-Assessed Questions: Some modules contain self-assessment questions designed to help candidates consolidate their knowledge.

Studying Time: We recommend 10 to 30 hours study time per module, with additional time being set aside for completing the student assignments.


Tutor Support

Tutorials: There will be two tutorial seminars/online sessions held in April and October. They are not compulsory but are beneficial and are an excellent opportunity to meet fellow students, the Course Director, authors and tutors.

Tutors & Authors: To support you during your studies, tutors and authors are available to help with any questions or technical queries by e-mail and student forums.



For matters relating to enrolment, payment of fees, change of enrolment details, module mailings, please contact the Course Manager:

Tel: +44 (0)1252 739779

E-mail: courses@maritimetrainingacademy.com



Examinations will be held in April and October each year, 12 or 18 months after the course start date.

A 6 month extension is also available upon application.

Exam Length: Three hour written or online examination.

Sitting Overseas: Students must make their own arrangements to sit their examination at a suitable venue approved by the Course Administration Office at least 6 weeks prior to their examination date. Any expenses incurred will be to the students own account.

Certificate: Students who successfully complete the compulsory student assignments, but do not take the examination, will receive a certificate.


The Marking Structure

Assignments: Constitute 27% of the final mark.

Examination: Constitutes 73% of the final mark.

Pass Mark: For the Diploma written examination is 75%. For the student assignments a minimum mark of 40% is required.


Course Fees

Certificate Fee: The basic course fee is £1,950.00. This includes the course modules as pdfs and marking of the student assignments.

Diploma Fee: For Diploma candidates the fee is £2,750.00. This covers the course modules as pdfs, student assignment marking, our examination costs and the issuing of a Diploma.

Printed Modules Fee: In addition to the course PDF’s, we also offer students the option of purchasing the modules in a hard copy format. Please note, this option is NOT mandatory in order to complete the course. The printed modules option is charged at an additional fee of £300.

Air Courier Fee: For an additional fee of £200. Recommended for candidates in areas experiencing problems with their postal system. Other overseas mail will be sent by airmail only.

Extension Fee: If you are unable to complete the course in the 18 months allocated from the course start date, you can apply for a further 6 month extension for £250.

Reregistration Fee: We offer reregistration onto the course for lapsed students at 50% of the course costs. You will have the opportunity to resubmit any student assignments or carry any existing marks forward into the new academic year to be counted towards your final exam results.

Resit exams: You are entitled to resit your exam once at a fee of £250.

Not included in the fees: Any travel or food costs or accommodation if required. Any expenses which may be incurred in arranging a suitable examination venue.

Discounts: Available for group registrations.

Please contact MTA for details. Tel:+ 44 (0)1252 739779 or courses@maritimetrainingacademy.com

VAT: Will be added at the standard UK rate where applicable. Please contact us for details.

Reclaiming VAT: Companies outside the UK may be entitled to reclaim VAT and need to contact their local tax authorities.


Payment Plan

Please contact us to discuss if the course fees can be split into smaller instalments.


Payment Methods

Payment: Payment must be made upon application by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Fees will be refunded in full should applications be declined.

Cheque: Made payable to MPI Group.

Bank Transfer: MPI Group bank account,
National Westminster Bank, 19 Shaftsbury Avenue,
London, W1A 4QQ, UK
Account Number: 06532381
Sort Code: 56-00-29

Credit Card: Include number, card type, issue and expiry date, the security code and address of the card holder.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can only be made in writing before the start date of the course. Course fees less an administrative charge of £500 will be refunded. After the start of a course the student becomes liable for all course fees due.

Course content is subject to change at the discretion of the Course Director.


Data Protection

We record your personal information when you contact us and use this to manage registration, study, examination and other services. When you register, we will tell you more about how we process and use your personal information.

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