This exciting career path is chosen by many looking to build on their existing knowledge gained from working onboard a ship. Superintendents can either specialise in the ‘Marine’ aspect of the role or the ‘Technical’ side and each requires a different set of knowledge. Whilst Marine (sometimes referred to as Nautical) Superintendents often have pursued a career as a Master Mariner, the Technical Superintendent role is preferred by those who have worked in roles such as chief engineers.  However, it is not unusual for there to be only one superintendent for the ship covering all duties.

What duties are involved in a Technical Ship Managers role?

The superintendent job description will include some or all of the following:

  • Overseeing the ship and systems in terms of maintenance and operations
  • Monitoring of the crew, both in terms of competence and morale
  • Preparation and evaluation of budgets and reporting to management on these
  • Oversight of the survey and inspection requirements including flag, classification and port state
  • Maintenance of up to date technical and operational knowledge generally
  • Acting as an Intermediate between crew on board and management ashore, including reporting on their performance
  • Preparation of routine docking specification
  • Internal audits and preparation for external audits
  • Compliance with all class, flag state or any other standards and requirements
  • Keep down costs and optimise the efficiency of the ships
  • Sourcing, and possibly ordering, spare parts and making sure that they arrive when needed
  • Plan all maintenance activities and liaise with all operational staff and sub-contractors with regards to planning and implementation of all required tasks
  • Supervise work that needs to be carried out
  • Proper documentation and reporting
  • Preparation of management information


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