Maritime Training Academy launches new Offshore Wind Energy Diploma

Mar 22, 2021

Maritime Training Academy has recently launched our new Offshore Wind Energy Diploma which is due to start April 1st.  In line with all our other Diploma courses it is delivered online and consists of 8 modules, which can be downloaded and saved for future reference.

We spoke to Ian Biles, Maritime Training Academy’s Managing Director to find out more about the development of this course:

What made you decide to create this course? Why now?

Offshore Wind Farm development is currently one of the hottest development areas around the globe.  Despite there being significant experience in developing installations offshore from the oil and gas industries as well as in laying underwater cables, wind farm installations and servicing come with a range of unique challenges.  A check of what is currently available covering the diverse and specialist nature of Offshore Wind Farms identified that there was nothing that specifically covers the wide spectrum of Offshore Wind Operations.  There is already experience in Offshore Wind Operations and, therefore, it made sense to bring all the different strands together into one reference source.

Due to its content, structure and flexibility we predict this new course will become an essential tool for the development of individuals wanting to excel in this industry.


How has this market changed in the last 10 years and how does the future look?

Whilst wind power has been used for centuries (think windmills) it is only in the last 10 to 15 years that it has started to develop rapidly as an alternative means of producing power, being sought as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Political support, by means of tax incentives, together with environmental pressure have provided a positive business environment leading to the rapid expansion of offshore wind farms together with all the associated infrastructures.

As this market continues to grow, expert knowledge about the industry will become invaluable to the career progression of those working in it.


Who would benefit from studying the Offshore Wind Energy Diploma?

Staff in Wind Farm Crew Transfer vessels, Wind Farm Installation vessels, survey vessels who work afloat and ashore would find the course relevant to their roles.  Also, any individual who is looking to move career from traditional shipping, leisure boating, fishing or the military into wind farm operations should seriously consider studying this to help make the transition into the market smoother, giving them a head start over others.

As the course is delivered by distance learning anyone away for periods of time will still be able to study the downloaded material remotely, at a time and pace of their convenience.


Course Director Ian Bryant.

Ian comes from a traditional marine engineering background but with specialist experience in both offshore oil and wind farm installations.  He has experience in preparing technical journals with a friendly technical writing style.

Ian is also the Course Director for our Tanker Operations and the Offshore Operations courses and so with the good working relationship we have and the knowledge and experience he provides he was the ideal person to represent this course.

What can someone expect to learn from the course?

The course consists of 8 modules, providing a comprehensive overview of the following subjects:

  • Wind Energy History and the Environment
  • Offshore Wind Energy Layout and Design
  • ROV, Trenching, Electrical Cable Laying and Remote Operating Vehicles
  • Function and Operation of the WTIV and Support Vessels
  • Wind Turbine Operation and Ancillary Equipment
  • Electrical Systems and Substations
  • Health and Safety for the Offshore Renewable Industries
  • Introduction to Offshore Legislation and Governing Bodies

Our Training Department is always available to provide support and guidance whenever needed. Although the course is delivered by distance learning our aim is to ensure that our students never feel alone in their studies.

More information about the course can be found here, by emailing or calling +44(0)1252 739777.