Maritime Recruitment Myths De-bunked with Marine Resources

Sep 23, 2021

4 Common Recruitment Myths De-bunked with Marine Resources

The recruitment process can be difficult for businesses to grasp. The world of recruitment is fast-paced and it’s easy for misconceptions and misinformation to occur, so Marine Resources are busting four common maritime recruitment myths that can confuse clients.

You only need to recruit when there is a vacancy

The most successful companies never stop looking for talent as it creates less panic – this is why it’s better to engage with a recruitment partner rather than a last-minute job filler. You can visualise it as an extension to the recruitment team who are always looking out for talent prior to when you need them. This is what we call ‘Pipelining Talent’.


It’s better to instruct multiple agencies to help fill your jobs

It simply won’t work. There’s a misconception that candidates only sign up to one recruitment agency. Candidates are usually talking to most recruitment agencies. You don’t want 5 different agencies sending you the same candidates. Pick an agency who you feel reflects your business and build a rapport to ensure they really understanding your business needs.


The demand for jobs is high, so you can pay lower salaries

With the recent pandemic, most companies have had their budgets significantly reduced. Top talent still maintains value. It is worth the investment if you want to regain momentum within your business. As we begin to see behaviours where candidates are now more attracted to the culture of a company than ever before, rather than the position itself, we recommend for employers to start looking more into being an ‘employer of choice’ and use this in their recruitment strategies and campaigns.


Recruitment companies are just a job board service

It’s far more than just a job board service. You pay for the relationships, database, expertise and network that has been gained through years in recruiting in the industry.


To further encourage staff development and increase retention, consider offering a wide variety of training. At Maritime Training Academy, we have courses across the Marine industry and offer corporate packages to suit company needs. Get in touch with our team to find out more.


By de-bunking maritime recruitment myths and implementing these tips, companies should be able to streamline recruitment processes and work with your recruitment agency to get the perfect candidate for the role.

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