A glimpse through the eyes of Matt and Beth from the Maritime Training Academy


The sea breeze mixed with the undeniable luxury. The Monaco Yacht Show, renowned as one of the world’s most illustrious yacht shows, was a testament to the bustling maritime industry and its progress. As account managers from a leading maritime training academy, here’s our experience:


Show Highlights

This year marked our sixth at the Monao Yacht Show, and each year feels like the biggest maritime festival. The show was brimming with opportunities to catch up with students and companies. Our days there were packed with meetings with potential and current diploma students. The feedback and growth of our students, post-course completion, was great to hear. Attending the YPY (Young Professionals in Yachting) breakfast was an absolute highlight. It was an invaluable opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals.


Connections Made

Networking is at the heart of these events and we were fortunate to meet up our connections from Burgess, Azimut, Luxury Allies, Naval Yachts, Central Yacht and many more. Catching up with our recruitment partners SYR and Wilson Halligan was a particular highlight, as was meeting with yacht management entities like Praxis Yacht Services and Dominion Marine. And of course, meeting our students both part and current, always makes these shows special.


Successes and Insights

Each year, our engagement at the show intensifies. We garner not just leads but recommendations from our students. The yachting industry, like many sectors, thrives on word-of-mouth. Witnessing our students’ successes and receiving their endorsements is the most gratifying. Besides engaging with our students and understanding their journey, it’s also an opportunity to brainstorm collaborations with other industry players to foster a more cohesive industry.


Trends on the Horizon

The feedback from the show indicated a promising trend in mental health awareness and as an academy, we’re doing what we can to bring this to the forefront of what we offer. It’s great to observe the industry evolving not just in yacht designs or sustainability but in its approach to its most vital asset – its people.


To Those Looking Forward to Next Year…

Planning is key! Communication can get tricky with patchy signal. Organising meetings in advance will help this. Be prepared for the ever-increasing hustle and bustle. Each year, it feels the crowd grows, which is wonderful but can be exhausting if you’re constantly on the move. Comfortable shoes and sun cream are your best allies!

The Monaco Yacht Show is not just a display of luxury but a celebration of progress, connection, and industry evolution. As we reflect on our experiences and insights gained, we eagerly await the next show.