Stormy Seas makes for experienced Sailors

Two years on, the 2020 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns are still resonating throughout the maritime industry and figures from the 2021 Office of National Statistics (ONS) seafarers in the UK shipping industry report, support this statement.

A major impact of the continuous and stringent lockdown protocols throughout the pandemic was how it affected all seafarers and how they were to gain essential time at sea or training required for maritime industry certificates. A solution quickly needed to be implemented and as a result; academies, colleges and learning institutes adapted to these drastic changes in how they taught their students. Over the pandemic, 44% of global institutions and educational bodies moved their courses online. As online learning became the only mode of learning, 21% of colleges adopted a hybrid education model with integrated learning tools and platforms being able to continue to deliver courses. Organisations realised that the blended learning model (online and classroom-based) was incredibly successful. Colleges and academies integrated this new way of learning when the pandemic subsided, and these educational bodies continued to use this model. Although we are pleased to say that the Maritime Training Academy (MTA) was already ahead of this educational delivery curve.

The Maritime Training Academy, experts in distance learning

The Maritime Training Academy is a UK-based marine educational organisation supplying distance-learning diplomas worldwide, helping thousands of students enhance their knowledge base and further their career paths. Part of the Maritime Services Group, they offer an unrivalled combination of flexibility, support, expertise, and industry partnerships. All maritime diplomas, certificates and short courses are written, directed, and delivered by experts in their field. With over 50 authors writing, developing, and advising on marine training course material.

Why study with the Maritime Training Academy?

Education is the best investment you will ever make. It demonstrates a level of commitment to the industry but more importantly, it proves dedication to hard work and investment in yourself. We know what employers are looking for and most importantly, what they need in an employee in the marine industry. The Maritime Training Academy courses are custom designed for specific roles with that in mind. They provide detailed study in your chosen field and essential practical skills. However, the value of studying and the experience can open your mind to new possibilities.

Optional Classroom-based Learning

The MTA understands that only some students benefit from e-learning. So, the Academy has continued to run off bespoke on-site training solutions from its academy Headquarters in Hampshire, United Kingdom. Classroom-based learning includes maritime training, operations courses, project management and practical courses. The Maritime Training Academy wants to ensure that all students receive the best in maritime learning. Whether that be from the comfort of their own homes or a classroom-based environment.

How the Maritime Training Academy supports students

While the nature of distance learning courses is considered a remote and individual activity, the Maritime Training Academy understands that there may be times when students feel isolated and may need help, support, or interaction. Students can contact tutors at any time during their course to discuss course content or any other learning queries they may have.

If a student requires the help of a particular element of their study, the Maritime Training Academy will contact one of their team of industry experts for industry advice. Students also have the option to join an online tutorial before their chosen exam to revise any gaps in their knowledge.

Short Courses

In addition to the comprehensive maritime courses that are available, a wide selection of short courses is also offered, relevant to the maritime industry. Whether it is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within your role, or you’re looking to retrain and upskill? The MTA has it covered. From the yachting industry to the restoration of historic ships and boats, the Maritime Training Academy can cater for all requirements.

Take that first step with the experts in Maritime Distance Learning

With over ten years of experience behind us and only the very best in the field supporting and writing our vast range of marine based courses, we invite you to join us for your first steps in a maritime career. So, what are you waiting for, download a brochure using the link on the right of your screen or better still, contact the MTA team using the link below. We look forward to hearing from you.