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How to become a Marine Surveyor

Find out more about becoming a Marine Surveyor

What does a Marine Surveyor do?

Marine surveyors perform inspections of vessels of all types including pleasure craft, passenger vessels, tugboats, barges, dredges, oil rigs, ferries, cargo vessels and warships, as well as marine cargo, marine engines and facilities such as canals, drydocks, loading docks and more for the purpose of pre-purchase evaluation, insurance eligibility, insurance claim resolution and regulation compliance.

There are many types of survey. It is not possible to list them all but some examples include:

  • Valuation Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Safety & Operational Surveys
  • Surveying Rigs & Sails
  • Hull Surveys
  • Insurance Surveys
  • Cargo Surveys
  • Incident & Accident Investigation
  • Corrosion Surveys
  • Surveying Engines & Ship Systems

How will the Diploma help me to become a Surveyor?

The MTA (Maritime Training Academy) Diploma will provide the key basic under pinning knowledge required by someone intending to become a Surveyor.

All the Diplomas are recognised in the industry as professional development programmes towards surveying.

Ideally you should also try and spend time with a practicing surveyor. The industry does not require Surveyors to be licensed or qualified. Reputation is the key.

The Diplomas will stand you in good stead. Knowledge, work based competence and understanding are the main elements to success.

Taking our marine surveyor course which is written by working experts will help you achieve that goal.**

Will I become a qualified Surveyor upon successful completion?

Surveyors are not required to be licensed or qualified hence standards vary considerably in the industry. Completing this course will give you crucial knowledge and understanding. Furthermore there is the option to progress through levels two and three gaining further work based knowledge and competence.

Can I carry out a survey on completion?

The responsibility for an individual to carry out a survey or not rests entirely on that individual. It is suggested that before carrying out any sort of survey you make sure you have suitable insurance and legal cover.

The course is structured to cover all the areas of expertise a new Surveyor will need in order to establish himself / herself in business to perform satisfactory surveys.

How much can I expect to earn?

This will depend on a range of factors including:

  • Experience
  • Types of survey
  • Type of vessel
  • How well you market yourself
  • Quality of final survey report which is a direct reflection on the Surveyor
  • Geographical location

A Marine Surveyor working in the commercial sector in the UK earns an AVERAGE of £39,403.00 per year based on a range of £25,216 – £65,614.

Please note this is an AVERAGE as recorded on There is the potential to earn considerably more or less.

Small craft surveyors that work for themselves will typically charge by the foot or metre for surveys like pre condition. But other specialist surveys will be charged differently.

Highly experienced surveyors that offer a premium service will charge a lot more than average and owners, brokers, insurance companies etc will pay for that experience and service because it is a good investment.

Surveys performed badly will only cost owners money in the long run.


What are the attributes to being a successful Marine Surveyor?

Main attributes – good observation skills, good technical knowledge, ability to listen and learn.

What is the key to running a successful Marine Surveying business?

Main success elements – understand what service it is you are selling, persistence, time management.

PLEASE NOTE we operate an ‘open door’ towards applicants and warmly encourage those that wish to learn. So if you want to apply then please do.

All applications are checked by the Account Manager prior to acceptance. If we need any more information then we will contact the prospective student. The main thing is that we want our students to succeed and enjoy the course.

If we think you are going to struggle, based on a lack of experience or qualifications, then we will contact you first and qualify the areas of concern. Motivation and commitment are the most important factors.

If you have that then we are happy to receive your application.

In summary

There are many varied career paths within the Marine Surveying field. At MTA (Maritime Training Academy) we provide a number of industry recognised courses that will compliment your experience and help you to increase your earnings and potential.

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